So, I once met a guy who seriously tried to make me trash my instagram posts and “start afresh” because according to him,the posts were not “cool”.  And this was someone that has known me for barely a month. I would go to his own instagram account and see all this posts about international music artists(which made the page look to me like a shrine of rap dudes) and wonder just why my own page is not “cool” to him.  

Being a very minimal “uploadist”, all posts on my page had a meaning to me. There was even a video of me expressing my intense passion for a creative art and one other picture of the poetry I got from a beloved on my last birthday. And he didn’t see them as cool? Now, I look back and realize that some people are just too myopic to see meanings in other people around them.  

That’s when definitions set in. I have always known myself to be imperfect. But I also know that I reason(no matter how little). I find my truth(even if it later corresponds with that of others). And on the days when I’m still stubbornly fixated on an opinion or view,know that I’m still on the lookout for modifications which I grab when I finally realize how much of a truth it is to me.

The world we currently reside in is full of people with different opinions,beliefs,behaviours,attitudes,reasonings,perceptions etc. While there are undeniably some people you can tag role models(of course,the path you tread has already been troden by someone), there remains a high percentage of others who are as lost as a pin in a haystack. These are the ones who mostly try to dim your light(because they live in darkness). They are the ones who would disregard your truths(because all their lives are based on lies). 

A woman in the 21st century can choose to find her truths disregarding all the stigma, the oppression,the lone roads and the high standards of hypocritical society. 


Choose to be defined by the lies that abound,by the glitterati that seeks to distract her from attaining full fulfilment and by the naive,lost ones who would want to rob her of her shine by feigning being better. 

Now,define yourself not by what they proclaim perfection to you but by your truths. Your definition of You should be by You.