So here I come again with me taking things personal with girls. If you know me,you would know that the love I’ve got for the feminine gender is immeasurable. And that doesn’t mean that I’m not straight(I love guys too). But lots of stuff just have to be thrashed already. Like now! 

Girls need to stop lying about using tampons or sanitary pads,about how heavy their menstrual flow is or how much they actually get the “banana” in a week. Like seriously! That minimal list got you like yeah yeah? Then, you’ve got to read through to the end for the Lie that Kills.

Skincare: Oh baby, I love your skin tone. Which body cream do you use? Answer:Awww thanks.I actually use Shea butter. All I do is mix with a littlè coconut oil. It works wonders,right?

What she is actually using: caro white lotion mixed with Hi White oil. 

This is one major wahala o. We already know you are bleaching not toning. So why the lies. Instead of claiming hereditary fine skin or saying you use nothing at all, why don’t you just tell the person what you in fact use and move on. If you are not proud of the whitening kit,refer the person to a dermatologist or cream shop. Just stop telling me to go and use pears that would make me look like a girl of Congo descent. Abegi.

Fashion: Please and please honey pie,whenever you are asked the price of your weavon which you know and I might also know is cheap synthetic made to look like human hair,don’t open those cute pink lips of yours to say”I bought it at a discounted price of #50,000 but the actual price is #80,000″.

Why don’t you say something like “It’s just a very fine synthetic hair” or “I got it for just #2000 at the Yaba market”.

If you have to hike the price of your new slides or trousers to your friends because they are big girls or wear expensive designers, maybe you should start looking for a new set of friends(your lies to them are baseless and they are probably mocking you at your back). I have a couple of rich friends who are really cool with what I wear be it #50 okrika or #3500 Yeezy’s. 

Where you get your money: I’ve come in contact with various girls who always claim to be financially independent where as all what and who they are is a function of favours from parents, lovers, boyfriends or relatives.  I don’t know why they think it’s bad to be reliant on people at some point of life’s drought. This is where misconception about feminism steps in. You can be financially dependent on others if you like and you can also be financially independent. Feminism is giving you the right to be who and whatever you want to be without shame or discrimination. So babes, there’s absolutely no reason for you to lie or feel inferior to those who are authentically making money all by themselves. It’s not as if most people even have a choice. The money and all is just available to them. That shouldn’t make you feel inadequate. Just take it as been blessed or lucky.

These lies do lots of ill to whosoever they are told. They mislead people and and further more make you,the liar,petty and untrustworthy.  If you aren’t proud of it,then keep shut and move on to the next topic. Sprouting lies on a bid to making you look big or good isn’t cool at all. And you will sure need more lies to cover up the initial ones. Remember,we are sisters. And sisters don’t,like never, intentionally mislead fellow sisters. Love you much.