She swept into the room in all her perfumery sophistication.All sounds hushed and well, people turned and looked away after seeing who it was that came in. But that scent dominated the atmosphere. How do you define a cool July morning in Lagos? Scentless? And then,there’s this sudden blast of Vanilla. It’s a kinda bossy one. The scent leaves you stupefied as you await its order. Seriously, such an arrogant perfume should be on Forbes list of “The Most Personified Substance of all Time”. 

But the woman, the wearer of the powerful scent seems reluctant to match up to it in arrogance and confidence. The A-line cut of her blue flowery cotton dress does little to accentuate her figure. Stooped shoulder,head hanging low,I can correctly guess her to be slim albeit greatly endowed. But her face, her face, I have to be sure.

“Excuse me,where’s the Ladies at,please?” I quickly averted my eyes from the unaesthetic way her mis-shapened face moved to the lead of her lips. ” It’s that door directly opposite the stairways to the second floor”, I pointed with my eyes looking straight away from the Ugly but Scenty woman. She puts her eye glasses back on and headed towards the direction of the Ladies after murmuring a “thank you”.

She’s gone,but her scent remained. Her scent refused to leave my nostrils. Something tells me that great scent ain’t man-made.  Apart from the wearer being ugly, that scent is the most beautiful my nose has ever percieved. Now I can’t help but feel so so beautiful. Powerful, it sure is.

But behind those lack luster brown eyes of hers, I see the stigma. I see the pain of rejection, boldly starring back at me is the self loathe. Beauty is no where to be found in those eyes, the light’s off and all I can see is a pathetic soul. 

I finally found the proverbial scented candle. She dispenses light and a sweet fragrance. She bears peace with her every melting atom. But that isn’t enough for humanity.They said she’s ugly and gets uglier as she melts. So they confined her. In airless containers,she was stuffed. And continously,she delivers. But no one cared enough to help her see herself. Instead of helping her find herself,they further took her away from light. They robbed her of the chance to ever discover her root. And still, her ever serving soul delivers. 

She yearns for that day she would be free of isolation. She needs appreciation. And the only appreciation she hás always needed is the care of others. Her soul is shrouded in darkness and odour. She needs light.

And she just left.Same person,same soul…