“A woman isn’t a whore for wanting pleasure. If it were unnatural,we would not be born with such drives”. Nenia Campbell

The lack of fairness between the both sexes doesn’t only stop at the workplace. Apart from the male being accorded the position of a demigod in the society, their sexual prowess too gets praised and encouraged. While that of the female is forbidden and fanatically frowned upon in the case of any occurrence. The only gratification a woman is allowed is the preparation of herself(cleaning,shaving,fattening etc)for the sexual pleasure of the male. 

I know most of us might claim that the 21st century has allowed for more female sexual expression. While this is true,it’s partially. You doubt it, can you please, mention 5 female sex enhancer in our market that are locally made? Does Agbara sound familiar? What about Baby Oku or Action Bitters? All this local drinks are made to specially fuel the sex drive of men. But society doesn’t seem to think that women might need some fuel too. 

 Women who have accepted their sexuality and are expressing it are most often than not seen as wanton,wild or loose. These ones are labelled “dogs”. The women who are living in denial and have suppressed their sexual vibrance are the ones seen and recognised by society as pious. They are the ones who would lay responsibly with their legs spread and ready,dutifully waiting for the Mister. These women are the ones who would go for confessions at the church because they helplessly moaned a little when their body found a small unguarded opening. They’ve been brainwashed into believing that feeling and passion are a sin.Well, how do you as a woman overcome society’s unfairness?

  • Acceptance:You know you love it when he fingers you. Now, don’t be shy. Let that dam of desire loose. Forget about what your Mama or anyone told you. This is your ship. You can drive it to any which direction you want. You can choose to be gentle or wild but the most crucial is never to let what “they” will think or say come between you and passion. Accept your sexuality without shame.
  • Stop bothering about what “he” thinks if you serve heads without reserve or give him the greatest ride of his life. Don’t allow him put you to ridicule. And if he does, it’s probably because you are much of a burning flame he can’t put off. He knows the power and joy of canal pleasure and is just trying as he has been trained,to slutshame you. To him, you climaxing is a taboo.What to do? Overcome him and his barbaric mentality.You can make him understand that pleasure is for you as much as it’s for him. There sure are good men who wouldn’t take your exuberance in bed as sluttiness.
  • Identify the various ways society try to control your sexuality: As mentioned earlier,society does this categorisation thing. It’s either you are a whore or a virgin. Because you masturbate or have sex on a frequent basis doesn’t make you slutty. But society thinks so. It is allowed for men to buy jedi-jedi and whatever to boost their sex morale but women can’t and aren’t allowed to buy sex toys without being perceived as sluts. Once you know society’s antics to suppressing your libido, I can assure you that breaking free would become very easy. 
  • Sex is a sweet and beautiful act. Your sexuality in itself is a God’s gift. Channeling and taking optimum advantage of it is your decision to make. I strongly think that individuality and character should be the only pointers as to the sexual decisions you make, inhibitions, how far you can go and your mode of carnal expression. Remember,it’s your ship,you are the captain and that makes it your sole right to make decisions that suits your person. 

Society’s got nothing on you,Diva. Let all that age old bottled up energy out.Now!!!! Take the reins and go seek your climax. Without shame. Kisses