He pulls me closer and touches my bum. The light in his room is dim but bright enough for my naive eyes to lock on his “thing” sticking out proudly from his naked body.3seconds or 3minutes, I don’t know but my clothes are now pooled around my feet. My eyes fly open at the feel of movements inside of me. Oh God! I’m just thirteen (13)…..

And that’s how the sex life of most of us began. We went into it clueless, at an age ruled inappropriate by society. Society with purported morals. I’m sure society knows,I’m sure the adult community are aware that those cute,shy and not so matured girls are already having sex. Rather than face the truth and map out ways to orientate,help and guide, they have decided to continue living in denial. And would their guidance not have been live saving to the millions of girls who died from unsafe abortions?Wouldn’t they have saved thousands of potential future Oprahs from the fate of tarnished reputation and broken dreams?

Above are the questions that I asked myself which drove me to the conclusion that more than cultural belief and morals, what my 9years old sister would need when she decides to start having sex, be it at age 14 or 25, is orientation. While my first advice to a sex eager underaged is to wait till marriage,we all know that at the end,curiosity and mushy feelings get the trophy. Think back to all the weekly sermons in church against fornication, the daily scolding and purnishments meted out to you so you wouldn’t do it and sincerely tell me you still didn’t go ahead and do it anyways. In short form,underaged sex has become wholly unpreventable in today’s world. 

My Omoges, our work to lead these younger ones on the right path has been cut out with the following tips:

  1. Teach her the drill. The jet age has made it very easy for anyone to browse the net. Even a 5years old can.So,if she’s eager to have sex, she should be curious to find out all she can about it too. To erase awkwardness and all possibility of people  overhearing your conversations with her, google is best.All she has to do is erase her browser history afterwards. Smart!
  2. Know who she’s about to fuvk: Is the guy cool enough? Omoge,you know I’m not talking about his handsomeness here. His he responsible? Does he really care about her? While I’m not asking you to endure a personal rapport with him,there sure are ways you could find out. You don’t want your sister to fall in the hands of a Mario that could transmit diseases to her innocent body or a jobless Mister that could turn her into his MMM by blackmailing her into stealing your parents money and valuables for him so he doesn’t upload naked pictures of her on Facebook. 
  3. Teach her to be sexty(safety) conscious:I don’t mean only condoms here. What other way can a bulging belly at age 14 be avoided? Contraception! If you are single,you would probably need to go with her to a safe sex clinic for advice on making the right individual choice regarding the type(s) of contraceptive method most suitable. That way, she can be shielded from the selfish nuthead’s “wild weedy oat”(sperm that grows where not wanted).
  4. Compassionately preach abstinence: Now the reason why I’m here with this advice again is because “7 out of 10 females who started having sex at an early age, wished they had waited longer” says, NATSAL200 STUDY. You can try to make her see the good in waiting. If that boy or man makes her heart flutter now, certainty is that down the line in the future waits another who would rock her whole world.                                                   Do you have more tips on curbing all the troubles of underaged sex?   What are your views on teen sex?   Please, make sure to use the comment box. Also like,enjoy and feel free to share.