Finally,an Omoge gets to write her own prime story featuring women of all races and kind from around the universe. Sounds interesting, right? After a millenium of history being enacted, it’s only appropriate that the omoge movement launch now. Trust me when I say the most lonely path you could ever tread is the one of self discovery. Once you step out, life throws it all at you. You encounter a plethora of obstacles, you don’t know which street or drive leads to what destination, you probably don’t even know where you should be headed. You take the risk and walk down the road only to discover you don’t belong at the junction because there’s nothing there for you.

Don’t lose hope. Don’t be embittered. It’s perfectly normal. Those crossroads indicate that “You are a woman in her prime”. You are in full bloom and ready to take on the world. So,these are 5 reasons why you should be an Omoge.

  1.  You want to be understood.
  2.  You don’t want to go on that self discovery journey alone.
  3. You have a voice that has been silenced for so long.
  4.  You love sisterhood

Sooooooo, pack your bags, show all that vigour I believe you’ve got and LETS GOOOOOOOOOƒOOOO.